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Have you recently purchased land in hopes of building your dream place but are struggling to determine how to take the next step? Perhaps you cannot envision the best placement of your house or driveway. Let us help. Clear Excavating, LLC has the tools and knowledge available to make this part of your venture easy and stress-free.

For those of you who are established in your location, take a moment to look around your lot.  Are you satisfied with what you see?  Do you envision something better?  Ready for a new addition, garage or shed?  Need help removing those unsightly stumps in the yard, fixing the drainage around the house or fixing that spongy driveway? Do you need your septic system repaired or replaced? Here at Clear Excavating, LLC we have the tools to help you with all or any of your projects around the house. No job is too small or too large.


Whether you have a raw piece of property you would like to start work on or an existing site that is in need of updating, Clear Excavating, LLC is here to help and ready to serve you at any stage of your project. The commercial services we offer are:

Site Preparations: We offer complete site preparation services and would like the opportunity to meet with you to review your plans and discuss the best options with your lot.

Clearing and Grubbing: We can take your piece of land, regardless of its location or condition and begin clearing the land, creating a workable space. We mulch the brush and stumps, instead of burning them, which results in less disturbed area on your construction site.

Road Construction: Subdivision developments, driveway, parking area or even a walkway. Established routes allow us to get to where we need to be.

Utilities: We install storm drains, water lines and sewer systems. We are capable of installing the most basic to advanced sewer systems in any soil conditions. We make sure all sewer systems will meet DEC approval. We are also experienced in tying into city or municipal water and sewer systems.

Final Grades: It is important to us that when all the work is done, your project is final graded. Final grading not only creates the beautiful finished look but also ensures that proper drainage is created around your building.

Right of Way Clearing

Maintaining vegetation along right-of-ways (ROW) is very important. A properly maintained ROW allows for better inspections, access for maintenance, prevents damage, and most importantly allows crews prompt response in the event of an emergency. Clear Excavating, LLC has cleared 73,500 feet of ROW and that number continues to grow daily. We can clear ROW for all needs including; transmission, fiber optic, cable, water, gas and petroleum. We can easily clear for your fence and surveying needs also.

Whether maneuvering in tight spaces or managing vast tracts of land Clear Excavating, LLC's fleet of highly specialized equipment and experienced employees can handle any project from start to finish. 

In our line of work the terrain, conditions, and regulatory standards are constantly changing, so it is crucial that your ROW contractor is adaptable, smart and proactive. Clear Excavating, LLC has what it takes.


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